What Boutique IT Service Firms Can Expect Of Their Perfect Clients

  1. I’m sure these guys will mess things up and we’ll be back to square zero.
  2. Let’s hire them and let’s see what they do.
  3. We will come through no matter what and we’ll make the most of this project.


These attributes of perfect clients are all great things, but we have to recognise one important point: Perfect clients do behave this way because they want their IT providers to be super successful.

  • They know that by becoming your absolute best client, you can’t justify losing them even if you can afford to lose them. They pay you well and it’s a bliss to work with them.
  • They know whenever they have problems, you treat their issues as top priority because they treat your requests as top priority.
  • They know you send your best people to deal with their problems.



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Tom 'Bald Dog' Varjan

Tom 'Bald Dog' Varjan

Tom helps boutique IT service firms to liberate themselves from the yoke of the dreaded feast and famine cycle and fill their books with premium clients.