How To Identify Sales Funnel Problems

Incorrect Naming of Funnel Stages

When you look at most boutique IT service firms’ sales funnels, you can instantly see that the funnel stages are named after sellers’ sales stages not buyers’ buying stages.

Sales funnel from the seller’s perspective
Sales funnel from the seller’s perspective
Sales funnel from the buyer’s perspective
Sales funnel from the buyer’s perspective

Looking At The Shape Of The Funnel

Since the funnel is a visual representation of your sales process, you can learn a lot by looking at its shape. Certain areas are supposed to be fat and some areas are supposed to be skinny.

The Four Biggest Funnel Problems

Bloated Midsection — Too Many Leads

If the mid-section of your funnel is bloated relative to the other sections, it means your funnel is constipated at this stage.

Skinny Midsection — Lead Starvation

This is another constipation problem, but here website visitors get stuck in the top section of the funnel.

Small End Section — Real Starvation

It really means that there are no sales, so someone in the business is going to starve.

  • Marketing handed lead to sales too soon
  • The lead’s handover from marketing to sales is not seamless.
  • Flawed sales process — if you sell high-ticket items, use proper consultative selling not low-priced “peddler” type selling.
  • Look into the process that the lead went through before landing in the salesperson’s lap. Is the lead properly prepared — pre-sold.
  • Hint: Every one of the late Steve Job’s presentations was a pre-selling session.

Sales Tube — Not Sales Funnel

If your funnel looks like a tube that is more or less of the same width from start to finish, then you most probably have a shortage of visitors.
Since we can’t squeeze buyers out of an empty funnel any more than we can squeeze water from a rock, we have to full up the funnel with visitors.

On Summary

As you can see, regardless of whether you want to make sausages or want to sell, the funnel can make a huge difference. Either your sausages will be uneven or your client flow. Both situations are pretty bad.



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Tom 'Bald Dog' Varjan

Tom 'Bald Dog' Varjan

Tom helps boutique IT service firms to liberate themselves from the yoke of the dreaded feast and famine cycle and fill their books with premium clients.