Four Types Of Content For Boutique IT Service Firms

The Four Types Of Content

But first let’s start with three important observations…
The Three Criteria Of Worthwhile Content

Information-Influence Matrix

Mercenary Content

This kind of content is really thinly veiled sales pitch.

Missionary Content

Valuable information with no intention to advance readers in the sales funnel.

Losing Content

Trivial, widely available information with no persuasive and influential power.

Winning Content

From the standpoint of practicality, this is the type of content that is worth creating.

Content Marketing Is Like Building A House

So, you need concrete.



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Tom 'Bald Dog' Varjan

Tom 'Bald Dog' Varjan

Tom helps boutique IT service firms to liberate themselves from the yoke of the dreaded feast and famine cycle and fill their books with premium clients.