11 Buyer Warning Signs Premium IT Service Firms Should Watch Out For — Part 2

Buyer Warning Sign #6: The “Confused / Disorganised” Buyer

Buyers are either really disorganised or so over-organised that they have no time left to respond to you.

  1. Gap of expertise — Clients don’t know what to do and/or don’t have the required expertise and experience to do something.
  2. Gap of resources — Clients don’t have enough pairs of hands to do the required work.

Buyer Warning Sign #7: They See You As Their “Employees”

We know from various studies that most people become entrepreneurs for freedom not money.

  • … become less responsive to your requests.
  • … demand quicker response from you to their requests.
  • … gradually turn requests into demands.
  • … insist on using their oddball communication channels.
  • … expect you to track and report your time and activities.
  • … expect you to blend into the company’s culture, and as a good employee, to take on extra work.

Buyer Warning Sign #8: They Want To Pay You With Referrals, Exposure And The Promise Of Future Work

This offer is something to consider. Ask yourself if you can use exposure and the promise of future work as currency to pay your mortgage, car or groceries.

Buyer Warning Sign #9: Buyers Expect You To Do Lots Of Free Preparatory Work

Stop for a moment and think about one of your recent projects.

Buyer Warning Sign #10: Buyers Want To Pay You Net 90 (Or Longer) After the Project’s Completion

Imagine, you start a six-month project in January and — using Net 90 — you get your payment early October. What are you supposed to live on for nine months? Your savings are not for covering living expenses.

Buyer Warning Sign #11: The “Scope Creeper”

This happens to timid professionals when selling to pushy buyers.


So, we’ve looked at 11 red flags that buyers can wave at you indicating that they have no intention to play a fair game and they want to use your expertise in a sinister way.

  1. Set #1: Entering your sales funnel and becoming a market-qualified lead (MQL)
  2. Set #2: Advancing in your sales funnel and becoming a sales-qualified lead (SQL)
  3. Set #3: Advancing in your sales funnel and becoming prospect ready for a sales meeting
  • 3 pieces of evergreen content
  • 3 lead magnets (white papers, executive guides, special reports, etc.)
  • 3 landing pages
  • 3 email sequences (3–7 emails per sequence)
  • 3 sets of advertising that catches interested buyers the first time



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Tom 'Bald Dog' Varjan

Tom 'Bald Dog' Varjan

Tom helps boutique IT service firms to liberate themselves from the yoke of the dreaded feast and famine cycle and fill their books with premium clients.